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Your Sound


Hearing you breathing is all I can do
Nobody knows as much as we could
Although distance split us apart
It’s your voice a smile to my heart
Let me hear it a few more times
It’s more peaceful than the bells’ chimes


The love that you bear
in ur heart without fear
of the common people all around
let them hear the sound
let them see the joy in ur face


Shall I let them know
The reason of my bliss
Shall I let them see
How I really feel
Should they know
My addressee


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Wish for Better Days

A world of sadness you’ve come to face

You have your love

But far away.

Neither can you think

Nor concentrate.

You feel alone

Although you are not.

I wish the night could take your pain away.

And I’m your friend

But I feel useless

Because I can not help

I just beg you not

 To lose your faith.

I know that for you and your love

There shall be better days.

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I’m failing to be your friend
Thought that you could tell me
Your everything.
Thought so many things
Choosing carefully your words
That’s the way you go.
If it is my shyness that’s
Taking you away
Please my dear try to understand
That God has made me in this way
And it’s difficult for me to change
But shouldn’t you worry
My beloved friend
For my truthfulness to you
Will make the shyness go
And that day you’ll understand
Everything inside my heart and mind
Please my dear friend
Think not that I’m giving up
‘Cause this is friendship and love
And honesty keeps it alive.

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In Love

Is it too wrong to be in love
with the couple who holding hands
passes me by?
Is it wrong to love
the old lady who sitting

Next to me in the bus

Smiles all the time?
Will you blame me for loving
the little boy who’s asking
for a coin in the saddest street?

Is it too wrong or are you just
judging me for being in love
with the creatures of God?
For I just love the people
of this beautiful world.
No matter where they come from
no matter how old
no matter what race.
Blame now if you want
but know that you’ve got
no weapons
And I’ve got the power
of my words with love!

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You have been born
In a place with no hope
Where there are no singing birds
No shining stars.

In the quietness of the nights
You find yourself
Clutched to your mother’s arms
Trying to avoid the coldness inside
your house.

When the night is gone
And the sun is up above
The brightness of the day
Releases your youthful heart
from all those duties that
A kid should never have.

In the solitude of this place
You play with a homeless dog
Pretending to be your friend
There’s no money for toys
Your mama cannot afford.

This is how you pass your days
You long to go to school
But as your mama needs you
All you do is to work.

Oh sweet baby boy, don’t cry.
Nights will go and days of light
shall come.
We’ll take care of you.
A rainbow you’ll see.
A bright rainbow of hope.

Don’t let your dreams go.
I’ll make them come true
for you.

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It has been written.
Your destiny and mine
Had been planned long ago.
We wanted to be together
But something has taken you away.
And I’m here all alone
And you there
Oceans away from me.Is this our fate?
Or have we done something wrong?
You left
And I did nothing.
You keep on leaving..
and I keep on crying.
I cannot see you
I cannot hold you.

You promised me to come back
And I looked at your eyes
And believed your words.
But years have gone by
And I’m still here
Waiting for you to come.

Soon it will come a day
When I shall wait no more.
No more tears to cry.
No more words to say.
On that day I will
Finally let you go.

Now find yourself free
For that I release u
from your chains.
I promise not to cry..
Got only few tears left
Inside my heart.

That day has come today
You are free to walk away.
No need to look behind.

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Hiding Myself

 There are so many ways to say

So many ways to make you see

But I don’t know if it is correct

To let everybody know

One thing I’m sure of

It’s the fact that I won’t refrain

From those promises I made

Some time ago.

Those we know won’t ever understand

Why I am writing today.

But I’m sure when you read these lines

You’ll see yourself in the mirror of my heart

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