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Fighting Back Tears

I went to see you leaving
And promised you not to cry
Promised myself that you’d see me
with a smile
But as you went inside
(callling you were the departure gates)
Tears rolled down my face
I couldnt control my silliness
For my happiness was walking away
Then I told myself
That it was not fair to cry
For all the joy I felt
When I was in your arms
Could erase my tears
And bring me back a smile
I will never forget you
You are deep inside my heart


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Farewell Letter

I’m feeling lonely this night. I need you the most but you are not here. I need to tell you a secret today. Today, yes, ‘cause I couldn’t find the time to tell it to you before. I went to the doctor some days ago, remember I told you? Yes, I’m sure you remember, ‘cause you love me so much that you keep every step I give in your mind. That morning when I was going to my appointment, you called me and you gave me the strength I needed, you said everything was going to be alright, and I believed in your words. I always trust you my love, ‘cause you have that incredible power to calm me down when I cannot think clearly. I love you for that. So, that day, the day when I found out what I’m going to tell you now, that day I wished so desperately that you were there with me. But you were miles away from me and the only thing you could do was to call me. I thank you for that too. Your voice my love, is so peaceful that my heart flies when you talk. That cold morning of winter I went to the doctor; I could’ve run away from the consulting room ‘cause believe me, I was so scared. But I didn’t, and if I went in was just for you… though, I waited some time to tell you the truth, this truth. Honey, I’m dying. The doctor said there’s nothing that can be done, that the operation I had failed and I have very little time remaining in my life account. I’m going to die soon, but before that, I wanted you to know how much I loved you. You were my eyes, my heart, my everything. You loved me more than I could ever imagine, and I’m so thankful to you my love. I’m writing this letter today, just in case I die before you come back to me. I know if I ask you to catch the next flight today, you will, but I cannot ask for that. Honey please, don’t get angry with me today for not telling you to come back, if God wants me to leave this life, what can we do? There’s nothing that can be done, but just thank for the life we had. And today, I thank God for making you fall in love with me. I thank God for having you all these years by my side. Please my love, don’t be sad. No matter if I die, I will always love you through time. I’ve loved you with all my heart, and not even death will split us apart.  

Your beloved…

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