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I LoVe YoU


I love you
For the tenderness
In your eyes
When you see
A baby cry

I love you
For the sweetness
In your smile
When you say
You long to be a dad

There’s so much in you
So much of which
I cannot describe
In simply words


 You know my voice
But not the one
That my heart talks
When I’m looking at you

I love you
For the way you express
The lovely feelings
In your sweet soft heart
And because you aren’t
Ashamed of crying

I love you
For the way you
Always make me laugh
And because you make me
As happy as a star

I wish one day
You would look at me
Not just as a simple friend
And make me part
Of your sweetest dreams

Until that day comes
I will keep on going
With my secret love
Writing words
For your sweet soul


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–>Written for my best friend whom I’ve known  for almost all my life and who have recently stopped talking to me for no reason at all. Mili, this is for you…

Remember when we used to play
With our dolls when we were kids?
We would spend hours in
The back yard garden of my house
Inventing stories of love
Imaging ourselves being adults

Remember when we used to sit
In the front door of your home?
We no longer played with dolls
We were interested in boys!
We would spend hours
Talking of our illusive joys

Remember when we used to stay
up until the sun would come?
Talking nonsense of our
Non-correspondent loves
Laughing and crying
But never arguing

Remember our lives today
Some time ago, not long though
We were as close as sisters
Don’t pretend to have forgotten
Seventeen years of friendship
Must still mean something

Remember I’m still here
Dreaming with words
But packing my memories
In an empty box
Hope you would be the same
Before I have already moved on

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