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By no means can I let you know
The aching pain that my heart holds
which opresses my good thoughts

Oh how beautiful those queens of yours
Who peacefully live in your dreams
Who give you wings to fly
To distant and unkown lands

By no means can I let you know
How much I wish
It would be me the one you see
In your sweet dreams

I feel opressed in this shape
that hardly can it change
Never will I be
As stunning as them

But though I haven’t been granted
With the beauty of your queens
In my heart, only love for you I have

Maula mere ishq hai
Now and always
Mai tumse pyar karti hoon


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Downcast Heart


So fragile am I

Haven’t you yet realized?

Please don’t take away my dreams

Don’t cover with shadows my hopes


So brittle is my heart

Haven’t you seen?

Seen me crying down the street?

Seen me begging in tremendous silence?


I beg you day by day

I beg you in motionless

Writing signs

You may find hard to read


So vulnerable is my heart

That the slightest movement of

Unconscious rejection

Can tear it apart


Help me get over this sorrow

Help me make my heart stronger

Help me by reading the signs

That I always leave around


Haven’t you yet realized

That my heart can be easily

Torn forever apart


Hold me deep in your arms

I was made to live by your side


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No my love, do not cry.

No tears should be dropped tonight.

It’s not you, it’s I

I’m doing this for the best of us.


No my love, please don’t cry.

Forgive me for I cannot hold you

There’s no room for you in my arms

Believe me; it’s for the best of us.


Though feelings might be there

Deep deep inside of me

Though I might still care

I ought to do this for the best of thee.


Do not implore to come with me

You have dreams I cannot fulfil

I could never be the father

Of your longed dreamt kids.


No my love, do not shed tears

Hold them back; be strong.

You will find your path on this life

However you will have to walk alone.


No my love, please do not weep

I am leaving now; forever gone.

I was sent away in exile

To an extremely distant and unknown land.


No my love, do not hold my hands

For they must be the carriage of hope

No my love, do not kiss my lips

For they must inevitably utter goodbye.

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From Within




I embrace a pain inside

Which I’m not ready to release

For I have too much

Too much of which none is mine


I grief in silence

For it would be so good for you

That I could give a bit of what I own

It’s too much just for me and my soul


The more I am in here

The more inconsiderate I feel

For not being allowed

To grant you

Not even a fragment of myself


Will you be annoyed at me,

When I disclose my truth to you?

Shame should fall on me

For not being thankful enough

To the Lord for what I own


Oh my dear,

Release me from by burden

Now even heavier than before

Blame me not, on my kneels, I beg!

For none has been my fault


And this pain is like a worm

That’s eating me from within

But only will it leave

When the truth has been released

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