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Who am I?

I don’t know who I am

It’s not the true me

The one you see.

I’ve tried to create myself,

I’ve built it up with lies.

But failed to demonstrate

I’ve failed to prove myself.


Afraid of everyone

Seeing what I really am.

Afraid of you,

Not trusting me anymore

I say goodbye

I just need time


Soon you will understand

That you will be better off

With someone else

I cannot give you what you need

I cannot love you

As you thought I did

Indeed I never have

It was all a big lie


These irremediable deceits

Were not meant to be so huge

I only wanted to belong

But stories went on and on

Unintentionally beyond myself

Now it is so hard to go back

So many people I’ve hurt


Please try to understand

That I still do not know

Who I really am

I’ve deceived others

As I did with you

But all realized the truth

It is me the one who is lost

In a sea of enormous frauds


For the first time, I’m not writing from my own perspective. 

 It is not me the one who talks in the poem, but it is someone else’s voice.

It’s not a fictitious voice, but a real one.

Fallen Angel, casi al mismo tiempo escribimos los dos algo relacionado con  Janus.

Mi poema sería como un tipo de respuesta al tuyo.




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Only Thee

That I want thee, only thee—let my heart repeat without end.

All desires that distract me, day and night,

are false and empty to the core.

As the night keeps hidden in its gloom the petition for light,

even thus in the depth of my unconsciousness rings the cry

—`I want thee, only thee’.

As the storm still seeks its end in peace

when it strikes against peace with all its might,

even thus my rebellion strikes against thy love

and still its cry is

—`I want thee, only thee’.

Rabindranath Tagore (Poeta Hindú,Calcuta,1861-1941)

…Indeed I want you, only you…

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Anguish speaks in my heart

This Middle East music

Bring only you to my mind

Where have you gone?

Do you still see me in your thoughts?


Sorrow is doing its part

To destroy my life

It’s made me taken up a vice

That I’ve long tried to make you quit

For hating it so much

Now it will soundlessly kill my lungs


I could have never imagined

Such love amazingly strong

I did not want to realize nor believe

That it is you the only one I need


Call it obsession or madness

Call it fascination for your green eyes,

For your passion in foreign cultures

Or for your ability in languages


Whichever name you want to choose

My feelings only answer to one word

Your love used to be my shelter

Now I’m abandoned without protection

Under the tempestuous sky


They tell me to be strong, to be patient

And not to lose my faith above all

And I’ve swore to God, my love

That for you I’d wait as long as it takes

No matter if now I’m alone and in pain


Being faith the only thing I’ve got left

I will try my best, I’d give my life

And I will not admit defeat till you and me

Are back again side by side

Stronger than ever

To never be torn apart

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I did not want any gift

Or tasty meal

Nor even the sweetest cakes


I was not expecting

The sun would rise

And kill the envious night


I was not expecting my house

Full of people

I might know


I was not wishing

For the above stars

To write my name

On the sky


My only wish

Was that you’d come

And say you love me


My only wish

Was to have your love

In this special day

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Y sigo odiándote mujer

Por tu ambición desmedida

Por no poder conformarte con lo que tenés

Por querer más y más

Y querer tenerlo de donde NO podés!


Mujer! Deja a un lado tu obsesión

Esa infantil necesidad

De querer sólo tú

En sus pensamientos estar


Te odio, mujer, por no poder

Amarlo de a poco

Por querer todo y más

Por necesitar estar siempre

Y no alejarte nunca


Pero de una vez y por todas

Deja ir ese delirio

De querer cruzar los límites

De pedirle recorrer caminos

Por los que aún no está dispuesto a andar


Olvida ya, mujer, esa terrible testarudez

Bien sabe que sólo vives por él.


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While death is everywhere

Hope has fallen apart

How can your people not realize

The damage caused in our lives.


Can’t they see our innocent blood

Furiously flowing down the streets

And becoming mud with the soil?


How is it that they pay no heed

To the exhausting weeping of our kids

It is not their fault but ours

For having given them birth

On this land of eternal wars


Oh dear Lord!

Where have you gone?

Have you perchance become deaf?

Do you still hear our prayers?


My childish heart still

Fails to understand

Why is it that man’s souls

Are made of greed and

Endless thirst for more.


Is the ambition to have

These lands on your side

Worth the death of thousand of lives?


Oh my dear God,

In your hands we are

Do of us what you think it’s right.

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