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I’m back again… It’s been so long since my last post.. So Here I am.. trying to make something new out of this flux of continous thoughts that won’t let me sleep at night nor breath during day…

“Why do I write? Why writing something he would never get to read?” I’ve asked myself a thousand times postponing my lines till I have something better to write about, something someone will finally read… not miles away….but right here, right now, by my side… But I keep waiting and that moment seems never to come… never to happen. But I need to speak! I need to take this pain off my shoulders.. it’s too heavy… to unbearable.. I cannot breath.. it feels like a virus, eating me from within.. I’ve lost part of myself…. I forgot who I was… How can I recover it back?? Perhaps it is too late… Perhaps he no longer cares… Perhaps my pessimism, my endless insecurity drew him away …. But I need to speak.. And I beg you to listen to me…


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Hi All!

Hey everyone!! I’m new here. If you are reading this it’s coz either you know me or someone else gave you this link. Anyway, if by any chance you don’t know me, I’m not gonna tell you who I am, I rather you find it out. And you’ll if you are a careful reader. I’ll post here some of my creations which I consider a mirror of my heart. Hope you like them. Feel free to make any kind of comments.

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