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I did not want any gift

Or tasty meal

Nor even the sweetest cakes


I was not expecting

The sun would rise

And kill the envious night


I was not expecting my house

Full of people

I might know


I was not wishing

For the above stars

To write my name

On the sky


My only wish

Was that you’d come

And say you love me


My only wish

Was to have your love

In this special day


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No my love, do not cry.

No tears should be dropped tonight.

It’s not you, it’s I

I’m doing this for the best of us.


No my love, please don’t cry.

Forgive me for I cannot hold you

There’s no room for you in my arms

Believe me; it’s for the best of us.


Though feelings might be there

Deep deep inside of me

Though I might still care

I ought to do this for the best of thee.


Do not implore to come with me

You have dreams I cannot fulfil

I could never be the father

Of your longed dreamt kids.


No my love, do not shed tears

Hold them back; be strong.

You will find your path on this life

However you will have to walk alone.


No my love, please do not weep

I am leaving now; forever gone.

I was sent away in exile

To an extremely distant and unknown land.


No my love, do not hold my hands

For they must be the carriage of hope

No my love, do not kiss my lips

For they must inevitably utter goodbye.

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Only You

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Cuando entenderás

Que las palabras no bastan

Que son infinitamente


Que nada me importa más

                    Que vos y yo.


Cuando entenderás

Que quiero verte

Y decirte que te quiero

Que no encuentro razones

                       Ni motivos

Para no hacerlo.


Cuando entenderé

Que no sos mío

Que nunca lo fuiste

              Ni lo serás

Que vas a escaparte

Lejos de mis brazos

Cuando la noche acabe


Cuando entenderemos

Que no sos vos, ni soy yo

Sino lo que juntos logramos

Esa fusión de risas y alegrías

Son mis miradas

Y tus sonrisas


Cuando entenderás

Qué la vida es demasiado

Corta para decir que no

Se nos irá la vida



Cuando entenderás!

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For a love that now I know it’s forever gone…

I will leave
And set you free
I will walk away
From your dreams

From your memories
Far away I’ll be
As “Goodbye” you said
You needn’t to worry
For I won’t call again

Erase me
Remove me
Send me away from
Your thoughts
Don’t think of me anymore

I’ll hide my feelings
In the dark corners
Of my heart
I won’t ever tell those
To you again
My voice you will forget

I’m leaving now
Setting you

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