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I’ve tried my best

I’ve struggled so hard

Not to think

Not to remember

Not to believe

In undoable promises 



I’ve killed you all

I’ve left you behind

I’ve covered you

Among the shadows

Black shadows of

Forever gone

And endless no mores



I will have forgotten

I will have survived

I will have laughed at me

For believing in fantasies

I will be alright

And tears will not longer

Well up in my eyes


In the oblivion you will live

Where harm cannot be done

Where hate is effectless

And pain, unfelt

In my eyes you will see

That I no longer give a shit!




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For a love that now I know it’s forever gone…

I will leave
And set you free
I will walk away
From your dreams

From your memories
Far away I’ll be
As “Goodbye” you said
You needn’t to worry
For I won’t call again

Erase me
Remove me
Send me away from
Your thoughts
Don’t think of me anymore

I’ll hide my feelings
In the dark corners
Of my heart
I won’t ever tell those
To you again
My voice you will forget

I’m leaving now
Setting you

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