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Downcast Heart


So fragile am I

Haven’t you yet realized?

Please don’t take away my dreams

Don’t cover with shadows my hopes


So brittle is my heart

Haven’t you seen?

Seen me crying down the street?

Seen me begging in tremendous silence?


I beg you day by day

I beg you in motionless

Writing signs

You may find hard to read


So vulnerable is my heart

That the slightest movement of

Unconscious rejection

Can tear it apart


Help me get over this sorrow

Help me make my heart stronger

Help me by reading the signs

That I always leave around


Haven’t you yet realized

That my heart can be easily

Torn forever apart


Hold me deep in your arms

I was made to live by your side



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The following poem was inspired in the above painting named “Hand in Hand” by Miki, a great artist whose works of art I love. I don’t have children of my own but this is what I’d like to tell them if I had:



Motherly Love

I’m holding your hand

So small in my palm

Don’t you cry my child

I will be always

By your side


I’m holding your hand

So sweet to touch

As harmless as you are

I will protect you

No matter what

Who could love you

More than I


I will hold your hand

Throughout the years

From now

I’ll teach you how to walk

Don’t you worry

I won’t let you fall.


Holding your hand

I see myself in your eyes

Oh baby

Don’t you cry

For you will be always

In my heart.

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Watching You Sleep

You were lying in my lap

I was touching your head.

While watching you sleep

I was singing lullabies.

Oh how I miss those days

That we together spent

You seemed a baby to me

So helpless and sweet

I shall never forget

Those moments of

Full happiness

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