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(Anwar and master Pasha’s conversation about love. Movie name: Anwar. Best hindi movie I’ve ever seen. )

Anwar: Who is Meera? Who is Krishna? Mehru. Who are all of them master Pasha?

Master Pasha: Love. True Love. Love some one Anwar, then you will know the truth of life. Love, that has truth, sacrifice and trust. Like… Meera’s love for Krishna. And Krishna’s love for Meera. Meera immersed herself in Krishna’s love. And Krishna in Meera’s… See More love. Wonderful. When two people unite in love. Or shall we say, that they both cross all the boundaries. That is love. Rest all are love stories Anwar. Heer Ranjha, Rome and Juliet. Only love stories. Love, that’s all. This life is so colorless wihout love, Anwar. … Where did you get lost?

Anwar: Did you love anyone, like Meera loved Krishna?

Master Pasha: I loved her a lot. A lot of love. You know, I couldnt sleep at nights. How could anyone sleep with so much love inside him? It felt as if, my chest will burst open. But, after her death everything changed. My Meera’s death made me insane. Me…. do I look mad? Three months, three months I stayed in the sanatorioun. When there is so much love inside you, you feel like sharing it. But when there is no one to share it with, then one will turn mad. It is a very unusual thing, Anwar, Love. It can even make you mad.


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